Rise of the Superbugs

Yes, you read that correctly. Superbugs are the bacteria that have grown resistant to our drugs. We have been using antibiotics for some time now and the human race has began to notice that the way in which these things have changed the bacteria is drastic and possibly going to be a problem that people will have a hard time dealing with.

You need to insure yourself against these superbugs that can attack abruptly and end you before you know it. Don’t get scared though, they are just selective, so let’s make you get off their short list.

Competing Against the Superbugs

Start by Washing Hands

The hands are the ones that come into contact with so much of the germs kingdom. You will have to wash your hands once you have used the toilet. Make sure that you use soap and that if you can, get gel solutions that have at least 70% ethyl alcohol in them. Water alone cannot wash away germs.

Keep Your Hands Away From Face

The face has so many orifices that can be used to get the germs in. when you touch the face and rub it, you spread them across the face and they end up acquiring more land for occupation much more easily that you thought they would.

Don’t Be Near Sick People and Eat

The germs have the superman ability to fly around when someone coughs or sneezes. That is why sick people, food and healthy people shouldn’t be mixing anyhow. So, if you think that the food has been contaminated, do not eat it. Just say no the way you’d do if I was offering you weed…no wait, if I was offering you a poisonous fish.

Control Your Sneezes and Coughs

While you are concentrating on not getting anything from anyone, also do not forget to make sure that you do not give anyone anything. That way, you have made sure that the end of the world cannot be traced back to one YOU.

Don’t Just Take any Antibiotics

These are the causes of the superbug that are plaguing us and that are why you will need to make sure that whatever antibiotic you are getting will not be one that will cause your body to become a laboratory that produces these big bad bugs.


  1. You don’t need to be afraid, however, you need to be very careful! This is because this article is right on the truth. Don’t overdose on anti-biotics. These truly raise your resistance. We do tests on this in our lab and the results are very frightening. Keep yourself safe from harm.

  2. I seriously believe that too many antibiotics can weaken the body and the article proves this right. Maintaining cleanliness is important. More important is to build immunity without taking in too many antibiotic drugs.

  3. Alice London

    OMG, I don’t really feel like attending any overcrowded places anymore haha Hate it when others don’t control their sneezes!
    Not the best thing to read through in the morning I must say

  4. We always hear that antibiotics have side effects and this article has proven it. Thank you so much for educating me about the superbugs.

  5. I usually stop myself from taking too many antibiotics because I feel like that would make me immune to it. And I guess this proves the case. Thank you!

  6. I knew that any overdose is harmful. But I never knew about the superbugs. Now I avoid antibiotics.

  7. Brendan Ignacio

    This article was so informative and helpful. We should follow these steps to keep ourselves away from superbugs. We should also stay away from antibiotics. Otherwise, these superbugs will destroy us without letting us know.

  8. John C. Gamez

    This might actually be the next thing that you need. It might have been all here for a very long time and you are not able to know it. I do not see why waste a lot of time in things that have no meaning. This guide is really made by professionals who understand what they are doing. Trust me it is worth every coin.

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