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There’s a lot of myths and lies surrounding fitness, getting thin, and burning fat:

  • – Do you really need to eat carbohydrates every day, or will a veto diet work better for you?
  • – Do all desserts have to be unhealthy, or is there ways you can eat healthy desserts that also taste absolutely delicious – guilt free?
  • – Why are there so many good looking people in Miami; what’s their secret to make themselves look so thin?
  • – Is your stomach really absorbing the nutrients in your foods, or just the calories? Can you fix this, and how?
  • – What is the difference between all those different diets like keto, atkins, anabolic, paleo, vegan, and more? And which ones should you try and which ones are best to stay far away from?
  • – How long does exercise have to take? Can you condense and 80/20 exercise? What about just working out very intensely for a couple minutes each day to lose weight?
  • – And so many more…

All of these – and more – are discussed, analyzed, and answered right here for you in YourThinBody