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Bodyweight Flow is a very unique and effective way of losing fat. Furthermore, it uses a combination of upper and lower body exercises, making it easier for you to develop the part of the body you want.

It also contains numerous valuable bonuses, making this program complete and perfect for anyone who wants to lose fat, increase their flexibility and coordination.

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Why do we fail to lose faith?

I would probably be a millionaire if I knew the universal answer to this question. It’s tough to lose weight, more specifically, it is tough to lose bad weight, also known as fat.

Muscle weight is good, fat weight is bad. It is ugly, unhealthy and unpleasant. Moreover, very hard to deal with. There are several reasons why we fail to lose fat.

  1. Eating too much of the food we never use (in terms of energy usage).
  2. Lack of mobility. This goes hand in hand with the way we live; we sit a lot and move very rarely.
  3. Bad diets and exercises. Humans are problem solvers, and they look for a way to fix their issue. Unfortunately, a lot of the diets and programs are doing more damage than good.

Naturally, there are other reasons why we can’t lose fat, but in this specific review, I would like to focus on inefficient diets and exercise programs. Hopefully, I will present you the potential solution to your fat loss problem.

Flawed fitness and diet industry

While being separate entities, fitness and diet industry actually work together. They are trying to solve people’s weight problems by introducing new ways of losing weight, combining special diets and exercise programs. The keyword here is “trying”.

And that is present continues for you. Just think about it: as long as they are trying, they are making money. Now I’m not advocating some kind of conspiracy theory, but you can’t deny the inefficient diets and programs.

Most of the diets and exercise programs are plainly dumb and repetitive, they keep filtering the same exercises over and over again, expecting different results. Here is a simple math formula of how it works: 2+3=5 and 3+2=5. The summa is the same, meaning that the result the same, and if you are failing to lose weight over and over again, maybe it is time for you to try something different and new.

Who’s fault is it?

Every coin has two sides: that’s just the nature of the universe. Some of the blame falls on fitness industry, but some of it falls on the people themselves. A large portion of people doesn’t quite stick to their diets and exercises.

They take it for granted, not realizing that skipping just a day or two of your program can burn the whole house down. It is similar to having bacteria in your body: you have to take antibiotics every day in order to kill bacterias.

Some of the blame also falls on personal trainers. They are often unqualified or just inconsiderate. Often times their rigorous regimes end up hurting their clients. It is that “military-style” mindset that hurts them. People are just looking for a way to get in shape, get healthier and lose fat, they aren’t interested in tough mentality.

Sure, having a strong will and winner mindset is a good thing and can indeed contribute to your fat loss goal, but not all people are like that, and that is the problem. What trainers must realize that everyone is different in terms of how they feel, what they think. And that’s just the psychological side of it.

The physical aspect is even more important. Things like height, weight, metabolism, lung capacity all play a huge role when you exercise. So beware of those who treat everyone as “just another client”.

The importance of having a good personal trainer

Having a personal trainer on your side is, in my opinion, better than being part of some class. Again, this is my personal opinion and I’m not saying that it is a universal opinion. I could write a lot of pros and cons for both sides, but this is not one of those reviews where I will try to cover everything and up with no real conclusion.

And not just in terms of quality, but also in terms of consideration. Most of us don’t have the time or the space to follow conventional programs. Fortunately, there is a solution to every problem.

So, I began looking. I searched for a trainer that has the most efficient problem, one that gives the best results in the shortest amount of time. Also, one that is fun. I always hated mind-numbing exercises that kill your will and persistence.

The program’s name is Bodyweight Flow, and its authors are Sylvia and Tyler.

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What is Bodyweight Flow?

garage warrior

Firstly, let me summarize the biographies of people who made the idea of Bodyweight Flow possible.

Tyler is also known as Garage Warrior and is a go to guy when it comes to personal training and fat loss programs. On the other hand, Sylvia is a yoga master, and her programs are known to be very efficient and fun.

So, once these two geniuses merged, they created this unique program. The program has unique routines that are tested and proven to work. With this program, your fat loss process will speed up to 53%. Moreover, it will also improve your flexibility and posture, thus decreasing your chances of being injured.

What do you get with Bodyweight Flow fat loss program?

The program is composed of several components, each having different intensity and difficulty level.

Component #1: The Bodyweight Flow Quick Start Guide

Think of this component as an introduction to the rest of the program. It will guide you through the basic stuff like exercises and routines you should practice in order to lose fat.

However, despite being only an introductory step, it will also give you the result you probably won’t expect. I would also like to point out that a lot of people continued with this program and left positive reviews about it because of the very simple, friendly, and easy to use steps that exist in this guide.

Component #2: 21 Follow-Along Upper Body Routines

This step contains 21 videos, of which 7 are Beginner, 7 Intermediate, and 7 Advanced. They will activate the muscles of the core and upper body.

These exercises will broaden and strengthen your shoulders, meaning that any exercise which requires your shoulder strength will be more efficient ( exercises like pushups, rows, dips, pull-ups)

Component #3: 21 Follow-Along Lowe Body Routines

Similar to the Upper Body routines, these exercises are divided into 7/7/7 fashion. They supercharge your lower body muscles, increasing the contraction potential of your lower body.

These routines will improve any exercises which require lower body power, and anything from squats to running and other cardio exercises will be more efficient.

Component #4: 21 Follow-Along Full Body Routines

As the name suggests, this component includes routines for the whole body. Divided into 7/7/7 fashion, these exercises build up the overall flexibility and coordination of your body.

More importantly, you can combine this component with any other exercises you do. Whether you do pushups or squats, you can combine that with this routine. This component can only speed up the process of fat loss and muscle gain.

Why is this program better than others?

And here is the thing; it doesn’t claim that. Tyler and Sylvia are both personal trainers and are in the fitness business for a long time. More importantly, they are unique individuals, which can be seen in their exercise programs.

This is the list of some of the problems people have when they try to lose weight, and the very same problems they tried to fix with Bodyweight Flow.

  • Lack of mobility and flexibility. People simply lack flexibility and coordination to perform even the simplest exercises. Because of this they never do the exercises properly, and it shows in their bad results.
  • Conventional methods of improving flexibility rarely work. Things like yoga or pilates take a lot of time and devotion, which people don’t have.
  • After everything they try fails, stress and frustration build up and only worsen the situation.

And this is why they designed this program, and they designed it in a way in which your body will constantly receive flexibility and coordination through these exercises. Not only will it burn the calories, but will also improve your coordination and flexibility.

Bonus content

the bodyweight flow bonuses

I could literally write a separate review about the bonus content, and you should really check them out. Here is a short presentation of all the bonuses you’ll get if you buy the program.

  1. Daily Flow Calendar: this bonus will literally save you hours of preparation and thinking. It takes away any confusion: you just open the calendar, go to the current-day, click on the link and do the exercises.
  2. Exercise Pairing Guide: the purpose of this bonus is to make it easy for you to combine the Bodyweight Flow exercises with the sport you play or exercises you do on your own. Very neat and cool bonus!
  3. 10 -14 Minute Routines:10minute flow manual for everybody. It combines 3 different flow routines that complement each other, making a total of a 10-minute efficient workout.
  4. 16 – 20 Minute Routines: since a lot of people liked 10-minute workouts, Tyler and Sylvia decided to double do dose, creating a bit longer, but double-the-fun exercises.
  5. 14-30 Minute Routines: this manual puts together 9 flow routines that complement each other and last for 30 minutes. This bonus is great for those who love long exercises.

To conclude, this is probably one of the best and the most amazing fat loss programs I ever reviewed. Give it a chance, do some research and decided whether it is the best program for you. I definitely recommend it.

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